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Career Advancement

WCC believes that any artist is only as relevant as their work and it is important to constantly evolve and update our skills in the field of cinema. WCC is committed to supporting its members towards career advancement & craft enrichment and also providing opportunities for learning and growth to new entrants in the industry. We do this through four areas.

Craft Enrichment

WCC facilitates seminars & workshops in various skills related to the film industry. This can be a good orientation to newcomers to understand the work process and help the currently working cinema professionals hone their skills, and learn directly from the veterans in their particular field.

Shadow Training / Internships / Mentorships

Shadowing is a great opportunity to learn the nuances of any work process. It is more powerful than reading or hearing as it gives you a direct opportunity to witness the workings of your aspired job. WCC provides shadowing opportunities for its members to learn directly from the film experts opting to be a shadow or intern or through mentorship programs.

Work in Progress

Do you already have an existing project you need guidance with at any stage of pre-production, production or post-production? Do you want feedback on your script? Do you want to know if your final cut is your best cut? Our mentors would be happy to take a look at your work and provide input and guidance. You can ask for help in your specific skill-related curiosities or for guidance and suggestions on a particular project you are working on.

Industry Support

The Collective also helps its members in their current projects through networking and contact support. If you are looking to connect with industry experts, crew, cast for your work, head to the WCC Virtual Noticeboard!